How To Keep Your Glasses From Fogging While Wearing a Mask

It is the new reality; masks are here to stay. Whether we are going to pick up groceries or to a doctor’s office, the requirement of a mask will be enforced for the foreseeable future. Contact lens wearers and those with perfect vision have it a little bit easier than those wearing prescription glasses as fogging of glasses has become a common complaint of these patients. When warm breath hits the mask, it goes straight up through cracks between the top of the mask and the face causing a fog to form on the lenses. We would like to offer a few helpful recommendations to avoid this annoyance.

The first tip is to tighten the fit of your mask across the bridge of your nose. If you have a reusable cloth mask with ties, tying it on with a crisscrossed pattern in the back will make the fit more snug, allowing less air to filter up toward your glasses. If you have a disposable mask with metal across the top, pinching and bending the metal to the form of the bridge of your nose will help. Adjusting the position of your glasses can be effective as well. If your prescription is minor, bringing your glasses slightly away from your face with give that warm air more room to dissipate, without distorting your vision.

Another valuable suggestion from those who have always had to wear masks for a living such as scientists and surgeons, is to use a folded tissue and medical tape across the top of the mask. If you are someone who must wear their mask for extended periods of time, then this will be one of the best options. Make sure to use medical or athletic tape, not packing tape or duct tape, as medical tape will stick to the skin much better and make removal a lot less painful.

Our last tip is to help coat the lenses with a thin, invisible barrier so the lenses will not fog. A commercial product called FogTech Dx has gotten many great reviews, however, it may be difficult to obtain and can be a little expensive. A home remedy that works in a similar manner is to use soap and warm water on your glasses. Allow your glasses with the soapy residue to air dry and this will form a thin protective layer on your lenses that will protect against fogging. You may have read about scuba divers that will spit on their goggles to prevent fog, but with the transmissibility of COVID-19 being primarily respiratory, this is not advisable. Products with alcohol should also be avoided, as this can disrupt the expensive coatings on your lenses and even alter the color of the frames in some cases.

We will continue to post on helpful topics and if you have additional questions be sure to ask them on our Facebook page. All four of our Eye Care Associates locations are now open again and seeing all patients, with limited availability. Please see our website main page ( or any of our social media outlets for complete details. We hope you and your family are healthy and well. We will continue to provide top notch eye care in a secure manner for the safety all our patients and staff.

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